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Kate Creates

September 18, 2010

Something new! A post for the “All Things Created” part of Illustrate Kate. Thank You Cards for the Engagement Party(which I finally got around to doing now that the art show is over!). Which one will you find in your mailbox?






 Musical Motivation for Creation: 

  1. Blue Merle “Every Ship Must Sail Away”
  2. Aqualung “Strange & Beautiful”
  3. Elliot Smith “Angeles”
  4. Fort Minor “Where’d You Go”
  5. Nelly Furtado “Say It Right”
  6. Sarah McLachlan “Black & White”
  7. Hans Zimmer “True Romance”
  8. Athlete “Wires”
  9. Janis Joplin “Me and Bobby McGee”
  10. Journey “Faithfully”
  11. The Cardigans “Lovefool”
  12. Procal Harlem “Whiter Shade of Pale”
  13. Tracy Chapman “Fast Car”
  14. Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis “Cruisin”
  15. Stereophonics “Maybe Tomorrow”
  16. Ben Harper “Forever”
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