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It’s Never Too Late

November 4, 2010

Some favorite excepts from It’s Never Too Late… 172 simple acts to change your life by Patrick Lindsay

It’s never too late… to start each day afresh

Every dawn brings unlimited possibilities, challenges, hope. Don’t be shackled by yesterday. Look ahead – with optimism. Create your future afresh.

It’s never too late… to wake up

Give yourself a wake-up call. Life is short. Often we wander through it. There are no gaurantees. No “Take Two.” Remind yourself how fortunate you are. Resolve to make the most of your time here. Help make a difference in others’ lives. It will make a big difference to yours.

It’s never too late… to live and let live

We all look at life through different eyes. There’s no correct way. Only the best way for us. Make your own choices. Grant others the same right.

It’s never too late… to persevere

Those who accomplish thing are not necessarily the most brillant. Nor the most gifted. They are the ones who never give in. Inspiration is just the start. Perspiration is what brings things to fruition. Whatever the obstacle. Whatever the opposition. However long it takes. See it through.

And one of my very own simple acts… It’s never too late… to enjoy a cup of coffee! 🙂


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