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smile + say hello

July 9, 2011

Elmarie from Say Hello Creatives and  Smile Lifestyle Boutique was kind enough to put together a guest post for me while I was away on my honeymoon. I was so busy that week that I didn’t get around to scheduling it then I completely forgot about it. When I was checking out what’s new on their blog Smile + Say Hello yesterday (she shares it with her twin sister Edmarie), I remembered I had it. I met these wonderfully talented sisters at the Andrew High School craft show in February of this year. Their booth was just a few down from mine. It was great meeting them and getting to know them ever since. El, among other things, is a print designer. Her work is creative and truly beautiful. And it’s all environmentally friendly! Ed is an amazing painter. Her work is very unique [you can find some of Ed’s paintings in her Etsy shop 3AM Gallery Lane]. I admire both of these ladies greatly. Here is El’s post:

iPads are not as powerful as your Macbook Pro, but they do have the capability to get the designer/illustrator-on-the-go feeling quite productive as he/she sits on the train or waits (patiently) for a client in a coffee shop. I recently bought an iPad a few weeks ago and have been experimenting with some apps (and, a website) I found beneficial so far. Here’s a summary on tools every illustrator/designer-on-the-go should have:
WEB: Not really an app, but Pinterest is my go-to source for inspirations. It’s a digital version of an inspiration board that archives anything you like online.
DESIGN APPS: For designers, especially those who do a lot of logos or vector-based illustrations, Inkpad is the app for you. It works very similar to Adobe Illustrator. An app that works the essentials of Photoshop is Sketchbook Pro. Inkpad and Sketchbook files can be exported as jpegs, pdfs or (for Sketchbook Pro, psd) files. Pdfs exported from Inkpad can be opened in Illustrator (and it retains all your vector layers!).
OFFICE APPS: Two other apps I find useful for cataloging my files are Evernote and Sugarsync. Evernote archives anything from snapshots, notes and recordings; Sugarsync synchronizes your files across multiple computers and gives you access to your files directly from your mobile device. These two are essential tools for staying organize, and hey, they’re FREE!
GADGET: Get yourself a stylus pen! What’s great about the iPad is that it allows you to sketch just like you would on a traditional sketchbook. Pogo Sketch ($15) is probably a good pen to start.
There are many more design apps out there and you just need to determine which would work best for you (and, your wallet). Be sure to check out Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK for more ways to be more productive on the iPad.
If you are in or around the Lemont area today stop by their booth at the Artisans on the Canal Indie & Craft Market or check them out at The World According To boutique in downtown Lemont. Good luck ladies!









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  1. July 9, 2011 12:24 pm

    Great post! Thank you and I will have to check out a few of these apps!

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